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Hi!! Welcome to my blog!!



Read every rule on the right sidebar..

I mean.. it’s not hard to put the link of my blog -_-;; so follow the rules..

I’ll be posting lyrics and songs of vocaloid in here..

..Then enjoy your time!!

*Do not copy and paste the lyrics

*The reason I’m not letting you to copy and paste the lyrics are because..

*I’ve been listening and listening every song I’ve upload until now to see if there’s any mistakes in the lyrics..

*It is unfair for me who’ve been trying hard on what the mistakes are.. and that just someone copies and paste it somewhere..

*I don’t just convert it into romaji and upload.. I always check if there’s mistakes in it..

  1. Hey! Thanks for this wonderful site! I’m finding so many nice Miku songs here. Also a couple I’d like to fandub myself. :3 Keep the videos coming!

  2. T^T shotgun lovers, man -___- so fast, i cant keep up. [not japanese]

  3. Hey! Love ur blog! Um, since we can’t copy and paste lyrics, would it be okay if i typed out the lyrics myself and used it? Just asking! If it’s a no just say no,okay. I know it wouldn’t be much different from copying and pasting but i wanna try to see if you approve.

  4. A question similar to the one, Kitty asked. Can I use your lyrics on my iPhone (in the music the lyrics appear…) [Can’t really explain…]? It’s for my personal use and it’s only going to be on my iPhone for me to see, so I could sing along to some songs. And thank you for all the lyrics you posted.

    • Thank you for asking me first.. this also goes for everyone who asked to get permission instead of just copying and pasting..
      If it’s for your own personal use.. I don’t mind at all because it’s not like you’ll post in other website..^^

  5. Anyone knows F9/kiyono? She has a really beautiful voice!!! Especially in ‘Secret treasure’, ‘blue’, and ‘kagaribito’! 😀 😀 😀

  6. are you korean? o Ao i see that you just used ㅠㅠ ㅋㅋ;

  7. I agreed with you, having all the work at getting the lyrics and none of the credit. 🙂

  8. Cute Website! Always Here! ❤ =))

    `By The Way How Do I Get The "Password"?

    Whenever I Click On The Link In youtube..

    It Said There IS A Password.. =//

  9. can i hv the password for sacred secret? ;u;

  10. could i have the password for “As you will be around me”? :> I adore that song

  11. 안녕하세요 ㅋㅋ ^^ could I have the password for “Joking Speaker” please?
    thank you ^^

  12. Hello~ Do you mind sending me the password to Kagamine Rin’s “Twinkle”?
    I’ve been meaning to cover it for a while now. Thank you. =]

  13. Excuse me,but i don’t quite understand if you just convert the lyrics into romaji.Do you also convert it in English? “orz

  14. Can I have the password for Joking Speaker?

  15. Hello again~ Sorry for asking again so soon. I used to use your blog quite often (especially before the whole problem with reprinting lyrics) because it was the most reliable one I could find through Google. Hehe. I was wondering if I could have the password for “Astronauts” (Hatsune Miku). I can’t seem to find the lyrics elsewhere. ^^ Thank you. o.o’ There isn’t a cooldown, is there? orz

    • I’ve sent it to you~^^
      No problem with asking too many passwords~ I’m okay with it~!^^ haha

      • I seem to having a little trouble with this one because I’m not exactly sure where the password “starts” in the email you send. I can’t seem to figure it out either. Can you resend please? Sorry for the trouble.

          • I can tell this has become rather annoying, i apologize. But the password isn’t working for me… unless the page is blank… which is odd since I was able to access “Twinkle” without any problems. I’ve copy and pasted Astronaut’s password into its password field… and it doesn’t even tell me the password is wrong. I’ve done this several times and have rechecked to ensure I wasn’t just doing it wrong for some reason… but it just seems like it isn’t working.

            In summary: The password doesn’t seem to be working.

            • But anyway, I’m starting to feel terrible for causing so much trouble so I’m just going to give up and forget about it at this point. I don’t want to create chaos or anger you. Thank you for your patience and kindness though.

            • Don’t worry.. I would have also felt annoyed if I had the same situation as yours..
              It was weird for me that it didn’t work so I decided to check it .. but it didn’t work …. I have no idea of why it didn’t work..
              So I changed the password..I checked it.. and it works now..
              I’ll send it to you..^^

            • No~ I wasn’t the one annoyed. I hope you didn’t think that. I felt you were because of this little problem. Anyway, the new password worked. Perhaps there was something in the old password that caused a problem. Thank you so much. This will really help me out. ^^

  16. Hey, I just found your blog via google~

    I’ve been so stressed searching for the Garnidelia track 12 ORiON lyric (―˛―“)a
    I’m working at youtube as vocal actress/dubber, especially vocaloid’s song
    I can’t search the lyric via youtube’s video coz I’m online via mobile phone, I have to pay for watching a video
    Since I will try to dub ORiON, can you pls give me the password? I’ll put your blog on the description!! (๑ŐдŐ)b

    This is my e-mail -> shirou_sora.sora_asuka@yahoo.com

    Thanks before!!!XD btw, cute blog~ (♒°♢°♒)b

  17. May i have the password for Gumi- Noisy Lover’s Soul?
    T~T was kinda sad when u locked ur site~ well i do understand why u did it though~
    pls do continue translating~
    Email : cookie-xi@hotmail.com

  18. can i have the password for perfectionist complex by Luka and Gemini by Len and Rin?
    my email: rookie6130849@hotmail.com

    thanks in advance

  19. I just stumbled across your site, and I would love to know if I could have the password for Twilight Homocide Song by Meiko? my email is: satouusagi@gmail.com. Thank you in advance >.<

  20. May I please have the password? ^^ I really want to sing Saw and Pendulum! :3

  21. may i know the password?? i seaching for ‘one of repetition’ lyric, but i not found that.. may be your it’s the true lyric.. 🙂

    *i’m sorry, i can’t speak english well.. i’m indonesian..

  22. Hello Illegal Sinner, I love your site. I translate Vocaloid songs on YT, and as you probably know I have linked your lyrics before, with credit on this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEVY7TFndbQ. I just wanted to know if the way I went about it was acceptable to you. I appreciate the work you do and would love to work with you on Vocaloid related stuff. Would you consider opening up the lyrics for that song so that they could be accessed from that video, or can we think of some better way of doing that. Just wanted to see what you think is best.

    • I’m not sure what you’re trying to say.. If you mean if you did follow the rules, my answer is a YES
      And also about working together..
      And about other thing you said..
      You mean that I should not protect the lyrics of “Sweet Magic” because people are trying to access to it, right?

      • Sorry Ilegal, I’ve been busy with school. But yeah I just was wondering if you would consider opening it up. I’ve gotten several requests about the romaji being password protected when I guess people should be actually asking you about it haha. While I could romanize it myself and upload it somewhere else, I did use your lyrics first, so I figured I should asked you about it before I do that.

        And yes as for any collaborative efforts, well I would love to find people to work with, even if I am not sure how a translator and romanji producer can best work together. Perhaps we can work on certain songs together in the future when I make the translations and you offer the karaoke lyrics/romaji at the same time. That might be one way. But I’d love to talk about it.

        All the best,

        • Alright~ I’ll open it up again the lyrics.. but please wait for tomorrow, as I promised in a post I’ve posted in recent posts..
          I don’t understand the part you said “While I could romanize it myself and upload it somewhere else, I did use your lyrics first, so I figured I should asked you about it before I do that” does it mean that you have copied and pasted the lyrics somewhere?;;;

          • No, it just means that you are the only person I know who has the romaji uploaded. I only have the kanji, which I used to translate the song originally, I got those from a Japanese song wikia. If I had to I could romanize them myself, but since you did the work first, I would like to link you and credit you if possible. I would only do that if you were uncomfortable with opening up your lyrics, that is all.


  23. Ah, man!! Can I have the password to the lyrics for this song?
    Much appreciated! Sorry to see that everyone was stealing your lyrics, though… :\ That sucks… But I definitely understand where you’re coming from with that.

  24. Can you send me the password to
    スイートマジック / Ron×Junky- Sweet Magic【『&』Track 01】 
    I love that song so much!

  25. Can you send me the password of GUMI’s FRAME OUT? i love that song, but i can’t sing it without lyrics ;;A;;

  26. Oops. I realized that I never put up my e-mail to get the lyrics to the song… OTL

    My E-mail: paramorepanda@aol.com

  27. Can I have the password for Kagamine Rin’s 夏の日と、幽霊と、かみさま (natsu no hi to, yuurei to, kamisama) I really can’t find this anywhere… I tried writing the lyrics by ear but~ bottom line, didn’t go so well… Here’s my email: melody_psychi@yahoo.com

  28. Could u please give me the password to Twilight Homicide by Meiko

  29. can i get the password for perfectionist complex? thanks

  30. Can i have the password to “Chronophobia” by Kagamine Rin please? *A*

  31. Can I have the password for Tail light by Apple41 and F9 please? *7* It;ll be a great help ❤ thankyou very much

  32. Can I have the password for Astronauts? ;u;
    my email is itzcrazytime@rocketmail.com

  33. um… can i have the password for lily-flare? because i couldnt find it anywhere on the internet…. and i really want to sing it. ;D its so nice. my email is : shana123456789@gmail.com

    thank you so much 😀

  34. gomen~ i asked for a password quite a while back, but when i tried it now it doesnt work D: i’m really sorry, can you send me the password again? its for gumi’s hare nochi sakura (https://goddessofeden.wordpress.com/2011/03/24/%E6%99%B4%E3%82%8C%E3%81%AE%E3%81%A1%E6%A1%9C-gumi-sunny-sakura/)

    my email adress is medha2004@hotmail.com

    thank you so much~ :3

  35. anywhan thare can somewhan anser me

  36. I was wondering..can I have the password so I can view the downloads?

    I’m a fan of your wonderful blog. :3

  37. Um… Can I have the password for SPARKS, Perfectionist Complex and Twilight Homicide Song?


  39. Can I have the password for Sacred Secret?? Please ^^

  40. Hello~ Can i get the password for Rin Kagamin- Love Timer??:))

  41. Can you please send the password for Next Door by Hatsune Miku to my email address? Thank you in advance. I just want to sing it. 🙂

  42. May I have the password for BUNKA開放区 ? I’m doing a duet of it with my friend and I need romaji lyrics because I suck and can’t read jap. HE’S LAUGHING AT ME RIGHT NOW /shot
    Thank you! xD

    • …………….;;;;;;
      Why are you asking the password here if I’m sure that you could see the top part where it says “Password”;;; And again I have to repeat it… I will ignore anyone who asks for password here..please ask for it in there.

  43. Hello! I’d like to post the link of the spoiler of Katakoi Triangle in to my future blog ^_^ I hope you would n’t mind and of course I’ll place your Webpage their for thanks ^___^
    I dont really mind if you decline the offer ^.^

  44. Aww, Lady Face is protected D:

    Imma be supporting your site. (y)

  45. could you please give me password for every nano’s songs that protected?please ;w;

    • …………………I don’t know how many this but I already mentioned that I would ignore anyone who asks for the password here..;;;
      Ask for the password where it says “password” on the top.

  46. aa… may i ask the password for nano’s dive in your eyes?

  47. Iam from Libya and I love mangas

  48. Ur great hope to see more chapters soon and tanks for ur hared work

  49. I asked for a password last summer and you still haven’t replied and I asked in the correct place. I’m sorry to annoy you, but I would really like the lyrics to the song I requested so please keep up with the password requests. Your site is very great and thank you for your hard work 🙂 Sorry to bother, again.

  50. Hi 😀
    So you’re Korean? I’m currently learning the language xD
    So anyways, password for Seven Colored Morning please 😀

  51. Password for Astronauts please? ;w:

  52. Hello dearie! have you heard the song called “LOVE13”? that song composed by hachiouji-P as a remix. it was use for special collaboration from its album. it has no original uploaded but it definitely have a scan-lyrics from the album!
    Here’s the video i’ve found! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vuY2OkrcCU&list=PLBA760AD7E37E445E&index=7

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